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class flowing through their Tai Chi

Regular classes

Weekly classes with DaoYin exercises and Tai Chi


Workshops, day and weekend courses

Opportunities to get away, focus on your wellbeing and feel refreshed 


Designed for you

  • Private classes designed for an individual
  • Taster sessions designed for your group or event
  • Bespoke sessions designed for companies and organisations


Our Style and Approach

In Tai Chi classes with us, you will be encouraged to:

exercise slowly and smoothly and

build up your strength and flexibility at your own pace.

Flowing through exercises and forms in a group helps each person to

relax and gain confidence, balance and coordination.

Our main focus is even-paced, Yang style Tai Chi

and flowing DaoYin exercises to promote wellbeing.

Additional Upcoming Events

1-3 June 2020

Tai Chi and DaoYin summer school

Knuston Hall

Event Details

1-3 June 2020

Tai Chi and DaoYin summer school

to book please phone Knuston Hall  01604 362200

Knuston Hall


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